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Oskar's story

Each person has their own health formula. And this is what fulfills me, finding the right formula for everyone.

Oskar Fatul

Many people seek out and trust Oskar to help them resolve their musculoskeletal health issues.

I was a sports enthusiast.

I grew up in a small village near Dubnica nad Váhom. Since childhood I was very active, sometimes too active. I was never interested in how to move properly or how to move so as not to cause myself pain. I just enjoyed the freedom of movement.

When I was 9 years old I started to compete in swimming but after a head injury that happened to me in the pool I got scared of swimming and I changed the sport. Together with my younger brother I started playing hockey for the city team in Dubnica. I went to primary school in Dubnica at the Pavel Demitra school.

At the age of 12, we moved to a new city as a family because of my parents‘ jobs. My brother and I also changed our hockey club. I’ve always been into sports. I learned the moves quite quickly and technically I was always one of the best.

But as I was going through puberty…

...I began to feel that my place was on the other side of the game.

I started to feel like I understood more about how to move than how to play.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, but I decided to change the sports school for a bilingual school and start to pay more attention to education. I also changed sports, I didn’t play hockey anymore but I gradually competed in swimming, martial arts, athletics and bodybuilding.

Studying at school has always been relatively easy for me. As kids we listened to motivational stories of successful athletes. The most resounding story for us as hockey players was the story of Jaromir Jagr. „You always have to want more from yourself. To be the best you have to train harder than everyone else“. And I was highly motivated from a young age and I wanted to be the best.

So I went to Denmark for high school. I graduated from the best secondary school system in the world – IB at the second best school in the whole of Denmark.

I have had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience and face a lot of challenges. During my studies, I started to actively pursue bodybuilding and exercise.

But I didn’t just practice. Again I tried to do everything so that one day I could be the best. I gave it my 100%.

That’s where I started my first „coaching“ experience. When someone from my neighborhood asked me for some advice on exercise, I really enjoyed sharing my experiences.

Meanwhile, my brother stayed with hockey and worked his way up to the Slovak national team. He also became the first person to undergo comprehensive training under my guidance.

We did all the preparation for the season during the summer together. The preparation helped him a lot and it also awakened a passion in me to train.

I was fascinated to find ways to get the most out of my body.

What are the best ways to put the body under stress so that it responds positively and increases its fitness as efficiently as possible. After all, the more effective the training, the higher the performance and the better the athlete. At this point I was sure that my place was definitely on the other side of the game, not as a player but as a coach!

After high school, I was accepted to several top colleges, in America, England, Russia and Ireland. I decided to go to college in Ireland as it allowed me to work in a sports club at the same time as studying.

In the town where my parents and I once moved, Martin, the second highest men’s hockey league was played. And the coach, Ernest Bokroš, gave me the opportunity to work alongside him as a strength and conditioning coach and therapist. Whilst working and studying I was able to supplement my education with several academic courses including accreditation from the International Sport Science Association (ISSA).

I continued to work with coach Bokroš, who is also a world champion in ice hockey, but already in the Extraliga – the highest ice hockey league in Slovakia.

I became the youngest coach in the Extraliga.

After another year of working with professional athletes and having experience with players from the highest leagues, I needed to move on again.

I wanted other people to benefit from my knowledge and experience. At the club level I worked with one closed group.

Although there are countless cases in public. New challenges, new cases. I was attracted to this.

I wanted to come up with new solutions to new mysteries of the human body.

I started my own company and started helping people from every field who come to me with all kinds of problems and challenges.

I started using my knowledge to educate people about proper movement and how to live a better quality of life without limitations and without pain.

Today I am fortunate to be able to help people eliminate all sorts of causes of pain and guide them so that the problems do not return. I still face new challenges, but I manage to cope with them.

Whoever approaches me with any kind of musculoskeletal pain, I will give 100% of myself to help them.

Because I keep reminding myself of what I heard in my childhood. If you want to be the best, you have to do more than others. I want the best from myself and I also motivate each of my clients to never settle for pain.

There is always a solution to any pain at any age. And I do my best to find that solution.

Each person has their own health formula. And this is what fulfills me, finding the right formula for everyone.