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FULL POTENTIAL in motion with Oskar Fatul

We help people reach their full potential in movement and gain healthy pain-free movement.

You can expect valuable information and a different angle on topics…

Healthy Movement Rehabilitation Chronic Pain Exercise Movement Apparatus

Listen to our latest episodes and unlock your FULL movement POTENTIAL


Podcast Full Potentialis where Oskar expands people’s context about Healthy Movement through short episodes that allow people to hear a different angle on the human body in motion and are also full of lessons, insights, advice, tips and tricks that Oskar has acquired in his time devoted to healthy movement and the human body.

People often have problems with movement and joint pain... but it doesn't have to be that way!

The best possible investment YOU can make is in your healthy movement so that you have the ability to move without pain and do activities that you enjoy and find fulfilling.

Join the discussion on topics affecting human health in movement and gain valuable information to help you move pain-free – no matter your age.

You will learn about the stories of people who have had serious movement problems and managed to get out of it, as well as lots of practical advice on how to prevent pain in the future.

Oskar is a sought-after movement specialist who dedicates his podcast Full Potential to helping people get healthy on the move.

Each episode contains practical knowledge that you can immediately apply to your everyday life.

Read Oskar's story

Oskar's story